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For incredible service and the most trust sprinkler blowout Kuna has to offer, turn to the experts at Lawn Care Kuna. Winterizing your sprinkler system incorrectly will likely cost you hundreds, or even thousands of dollars and cause you a lot of unnecessary headache in the spring. Save yourself money, time, and provide yourself with peace of mind by calling the experts at Lawn Care Kuna for your sprinkler blowout in Kuna.

Our team is highly skilled and trained in sprinkler blowouts. We are confident in our service and guarantee you will be nothing short of 100% satisfied. We truly believe we are your best and most professional option for sprinkler blowouts in Kuna and surrounding areas. We work hard to prove ourselves and continue earning your business.

Our sprinkler blowout guarantee protects your sprinkler system and parts from any damages. We only send our best, most experienced techs who make sure the job is completed efficiently and effectively.

The quality of the equipment used is an extremely important aspect when it comes to sprinkler winterization. Lawn Care Kuna uses tow-behind air compressors with minimum cfm ( how much air a compressor can move) of 100. However, our sprinkler blowout professionals keep the psi at around 60 to protect your system. The small garage compressors cfm is typically too low of cfm to effectively blowout sprinklers. Many try to make up for this shortcoming by cranking up the psi (the amount of pressure), which could possibly send one of your sprinkler heads shooting into the air, damage a valve, or worse. 

Protect your sprinkler system and schedule your trusted sprinkler blowout today!

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