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Elevate your lawn to new heights of lushness and vitality with Lawn Care Kuna’s premier fertilization services. By enriching the soil with essential nutrients, we fortify your lawn’s root system for a greener, more resilient, and weed-free outdoor space. Discover the difference quality care can make – get a quote today!

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Unlock a vibrant, strong lawn all year round with Kuna Lawn Care’s comprehensive fertilization program. We offer a 7-step fertilization plan tailored to meet the needs of each season—spring, summer, and fall. Our approach includes the use of slow-release fertilizers to nourish your lawn continuously, along with targeted pre-emergent herbicide applications in both spring and fall to fend off weeds.

Reach out to us via text at (208) 352-2011 to book your lawn fertilizing treatment and let us infuse your soil with the nutrients it craves.

Our no-contract, 100% satisfaction guarantee ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for. If our service falls short of your expectations, we pledge to either correct the issue at no additional cost or refund your money in full. Serving Kuna and nearby communities, we’re here to transform your lawn into a lush oasis. To learn more or get started, just shoot us a text and we’ll get back to you promptly with all the information you need.

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Lawn fertilization process in Kuna

Our complete lawn fertilization program includes a 7 step fertilization process to promote a strong and healthy lawn and includes both weed and billbug control.
  • Spring Awakening: Initiate your lawn’s growth in early spring, reviving it from winter’s rest with nutrient-infused care.

  • Weed Eradication: Applied in the same early spring window, this session targets all broadleaf and grassy weeds, including crabgrass, with a potent pre-emergent treatment.

  • Vigorous Spring Nourishment: Our late-spring application uses a nitrogen-fortified formula, crucial for preventing grub and billbug damage while supporting the lawn’s seasonal growth.

  • Beat the Summer Heat: Our mid-summer application focuses on slow-release nutrients that help your lawn resist diseases and stand up to the season’s high temperatures, keeping it lush and green.

  • Late Summer Rescue: Given Idaho’s challenging summer climate, this late-summer treatment replenishes your lawn with just the right nutrients it needs to recover and stay robust.

  • Second-Round Weed Taming: Our second weed control step targets any stubborn weeds that managed to grow during the scorching summer months.

  • Winter-Ready Lawn: As we move into winter, our specialized fertilizer encourages deep root growth and sets the stage for a rapid, vibrant comeback next spring.

    Our lawn fertilization program is the answer to year-round lawn perfection.