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A strong root system is pinnacle to a healthy, luscious, and weed-free lawn. The secret to a strong root system is giving your lawn a healthy diet. Lawn Care Kuna provides an all-season fertilization program to keep your lawn strong and vibrant. We do not require a contract for our lawn fertilization program which provides you the peace of mind knowing that you are never locked in.

Own lawn fertilization program comes with our 100% guarantee. In other words, if you are less than 100% satisfied with our fertilization program, we promise to fix the issue at no cost to you or refund your money in full. We do not require a contract allowing you may cancel at any time. Our fertilization program covers Kuna and surrounding areas. If you are interested in enrolling in our lawn fertilization program, simply complete request a quote form and we will contact you as quickly as possible with more details.

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Schedule Kuna Lawn Care Services

Our complete lawn fertilization program includes a 7 step fertilization process to promote a strong and healthy lawn and includes both weed and billbug control. 


*Lawn Care Kuna always uses slow-release fertilizers because they provide a longer feeding period than liquid applied fertilizers*


  • 1st Application (Kick Start): This application is done in the early spring. This application will kick start your lawn after the long winter dormancy and helps feed during the spring growth spurt.
  • 2nd Application (Weed Control): This application is performed in early spring as well and will treat 100% of the broadleaf and grassy weeds in your turf which also includes a crabgrass pre-emergent.
  • 3rd Application (Spring Fertilization): This is applied in late spring. It is a nitrogen-enriched fertilizer that provides energy to support your turf during the spring growth spurt and also includes preventative grub control. This application is critical to control grubs and billbugs in your turf that can cause substantial damage if left untreated.
  • 4th Application (Summer Fertilization): This is a slow-release fertilizer that is tailored to meet the demands of the summer heat. This application will strengthen plant tissue and assist with disease resistance during the summer stress months. This application will leave your lawn green and luscious.
  • 5th Application (Late Summer Fertilization): This is also a slow-release fertilizer that is designed to strengthen plant tissue and assist in disease resistance during the summer months. Idaho’s harsh summer temperatures require that we apply something to the lawn to help it recover from the stress of the heat. This application provides exactly what your lawn needs.
  • 6th Application (Weed Control): This is our 2nd weed control application that addresses that have developed over the hot summer months.
  • 7th Application (Winterization): This is our “winterization” fertilizer application that promotes deep root development and a quick spring green-up. This is arguably the most important treatment of the season for your lawn.