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Lawn aeration is a great method to improve the health of your lawn. Reducing soil compaction, controlling thatch, improving oxygen flow, and helping water and nutrients get down to the roots are a few prime examples of the amazing benefits of lawn aeration.

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Aeration reduces compacted soil. Compacted soil prevents the roots of the grass from developing deep into the soil. Deep roots increase drought tolerance as well as disease resistance. Compacted soil can also assist in developing a thatch layer. This thatch layer can easily be broken down and your grass will be able to breathe again by lawn aeration.

Aeration improves the density of your lawn by allowing new grass to begin growing.  Lawn density plays a big role in your lawn fighting against the heat of the hot Kuna summers.  The more dense your lawn is the better it shades the soil protecting it from drying out too quickly.

Arguably the most important benefit of lawn aeration is that it allows oxygen, water, and nutrients to get deep down into the soil. This allows for deep, strong, and healthy roots. 

We perform core aeration on all lawn aeration jobs. Core aeration removes a core of soil and turf from the ground and places it on the surface of the grass. These cores typically break down in a couple of weeks or less so we encourage our customers to leave the cores on the top of the turn allowing them to break down back into the soil which provides the soil with the nutrients your grass needs to grow healthy and strong. Oftentimes, companies aerate with tines that poke multiple holes in the ground. This method actually has a negative effect and can make your soil more compacted because the soil is being compacted down rather than plugs being removed. 

Our lawn aerators work best when the soil is not too dry, yet not too wet. Our aerators will have a tough time digging deep enough to pull out plugs if the soil is too hard. Alternatively, if the soil is too wet, the tines on the aerators will not be able to pull the plugs out of the soil. We recommend not to water your lawn on the morning of the aeration unless your soil is typically rock hard. 

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