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Have your shrubs, trees, or perennials become overgrown? You have come to the right place! Lawn Care Kuna takes pride in taking great care of your landscape, and of course, we will tailor our bush trimming services in Kuna to any requests you might have. Simply instruct us to trim your shrubs as the pros do and we will take care of the rest. Our bush trimming professionals are trained to meticulously trim a variety of bushes and shrubs to your specifications.

Light trimming and pruning (less than 10 percent of the the canopy) can be performed year-round. It is ideal to perform a light trim in late June or so after they have exploded with growth in the spring in order to maintain control and prevent overgrowth. Trimming and pruning can cause stress on the plants so we recommend only a light during the spring growing season and summer to ensure proper healing and to protect your plants from the summer heat. It’s best to perform a major trimming in the late fall and winter when the plant is not actively growing. We provide our bush trimming services to Kuna and surrounding areas. 

Aside from the visual aspect, there are various reasons and benefits to trimming your trees and bushes. Trimming improves light penetration which is necessary for your plants to grow.  Additionally, by removing dead, weakened, and disease-infected branches, the life of the plant will be prolonged. Proper trimming promotes growth, discourages disease, and improves the appearance of shrubs.

As you know, the clean-up after trimming shrubs is a very important part of this process.  When Lawn Care Kuna is finished with your job we take great care ensuring that we don’t leave any messes behind.  It is also very cost-effective to combine a spring or fall cleanup with the shrub and tree trimming.  Upon completion of your trimming job, we use our high powered blowers and mowers to remove all trimmings and debris from your lawn and flower beds leaving your landscape looking beautiful. Contact us today for a no-obligation bush trimming quote!

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